What’s the idea behind “Humans of WordPress”?

With my community project “Humans of WordPress” I would like to combine the photographic language of Humans of New York and that of my project “Ich bin Deutsch” with the basic idea of HeroPress, but go one step further:
The textual and photographic content for Humans of WordPress is to be created permanently in direct, personal conversations. In addition, I would like to expand the circle of potentially participating people to include the group of pure WordPress users.

Why is the personal contact so important to me?

We live in a more and more digitized world. We communicate online across locations cities and countries, and that’s basically a good thing.
But – what can easily get lost is personal, interpersonal contact.
If I had to name the most important experience from over two years of work on my project “Ich bin Deutsch”, it would be the experience of personal and emphatic interaction during the interviews. This direct contact creates its own space – it does something with the participants.

More Informations & Links

During my talk on WordCamp Stuttgart (08-th till 10-th of November 2019) I initialized my idea of “Humans of WordPress”.
If you’re interested, you could watch my talk online on WordPress TV.
My project against racism and discrimination “Ich bin Deutsch” you can find here.
For visiting Humans of NewYork and HeroPress, please cklick on the project names.