Your help is necessary to make that project happen!

Humans of WordPress shall become an international project to integrate as many WordPress users, WordPress Enthusiasts and WordPress Community members as possible into the project.

This is more work than only one individual can do. Therefore I would like to encourage you to join Humans of WordPress.

How can I contribute to Humans of WordPress?

Creating interview texts and pictures
First of all, this project lives from the content, the interviews. As already described, the interviews for Humans of WordPress as well as the corresponding pictures will be created in one – the same – personal conversation.

Such an international project needs people who would like to conduct these interviews in their country, region or city. Let’s call this role “PoC” (“People of Contact”) for simplicity’s sake. In this role you should have an aesthetic feel for photography. The pictures don’t have to be photographed with the latest high-cloth equipment, but by no means with a smartphone.
The resulting pictures should be in black and white, because Humans of WordPress wants to show people and not their clothes.
If you would like to contribute, please contact me via email.

Help with the English texts
I am not an English native speaker, which certainly also applies also to other contributors. Humans of WordPress should not only underline stories with aesthetic images, but also the texts should not be a loveless string of words. That’s why your help in creating appealing texts would also be helpful.
If you would like to help with English texts, please contact me via email.

Ideas, ideas, ideas
Even though I have initiated Humans of WordPress, the project can only grow and develop with new ideas, your ideas. So if you have suggestions, improvements, ideas, enhancements or whatever, let everyone participate. To make your ideas, their selection and implementation transparent, there should be a central place – maybe a Trello board.
If you have ideas, please share them to me via email.

Legal advice
Like so many WordPress and Internet users, I am not a lawyer or legal expert. An international project like Humans of WordPress can have a lot of pitfalls to be avoided. Therefore a legal assistance would be perhaps indicated.
If you would like to help me with legal advice, please write me an email.

In order to conduct interviews for Humans of WordPress, it will certainly be necessary to travel, as not every interview can be done by a local Spoc. These trips cost money in the form of train tickets and also in the form of overnight stays.
Therefore, the project is also looking for sponsors who are willing to pay such costs.
It you would help me with my project as sponsor, you’re welcome to write me an email.